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Having been embraced by the siren’s song, my camera and I have taken to the rock arches, the slot canyons and the riparian habitats of the rugged Western deserts.  I have commenced a succession of hikes primarily over Arizona trials in order to condition my leathery carcass for the ultimate of treks, journeys into the depths of the Grand Canyon.  Not that all of my travels recounted here have been, or will be, limited to the environs of the Mohave or Sonoran deserts. 

  Simply put then, this site’s purpose started out to share the slightly out-of-focus fruit of my seduction with those friends, family and visitors who may enjoy these impertinent artifacts of my wonderings. Since then that initial season, the forum has been expanded as I have encountere, explored and embraced new areas and activities.  That trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon yet beckons but father-time and competing projects conspire against it.  None-the-less, hopefully the Guidebook format and the attached photo albums will be helpful and inspirational to those who visit this modest effort.




When possible, each hike will be traced out a topographic map showing the course of the trail from the trail head.  In addition, a guide will be provided with comments about the hike and directions on how to reach the trail head.  Perhaps these maps  and comments will benefit those who are planning a trek of their own.  The Topo maps will not print well using your browser's Print function but they are available as JPEG files which will produce very good 8.5 x 11 maps from your Ink Jet printer.  Contact us via our message Center.  




Each adventure usually produces a voluminous number of photographs – that is the purpose!  For each hike, the more correctly focused photos, along with apropos or inane comments, are assembled into a thumbnail index.  Click on the thumbnail to see an enlargement of the picture.  Remember to click on your browser's back button to return to the album.  

Please respect my copyrights on all materials presented here, all rights are reserved.  If you see a picture, topo map or anything else, you just “gotta have”, contact us via our message Center  – anything and everything is negotiable! 

The photos were captured digitally at 2.1 Megapixals or greater and are available as JPEG files of about 1 to 1.6 Megabytes or as prints.  They will produce respectable 8 x 10 prints, but 6 x 8 or smaller are best.  This is amateur photography, not computer art; the photos generally are not electronically enhanced except for occasional adjustments to contrast or brightness.  




Once and awhile I am given over to fleeting moments of less-than-lucid fantasy that has been stimulated by these treks or my generally irreverent view of the world.  In the past, these tortured thoughts have been captured in emails and spammed out to friends and family.  In addition to that relentless, unsolicited spamming, now some of these stories may be shared here for all to enjoy, distain or whatever.





As noted above, some of the treks will be accompanied with maps and guide comments about the trip.  These maps and musings are not meant to be relied upon in lieu of a good guidebook but rather the comments are hoped to supplement them.  

The Topographical Maps are produced using TOPO! Interactive Maps on CD-ROM, software originally by Wildflower Productions, now a subsidiary of Geographic Holdings; source data from the USGS, 

For the record, I give credits to Scott S. Warren, author of 100 Classic Hikes in Arizona, and Exploring Arizona’s Wild Areas; Tyler Williams, author of Canyoneering Arizona; as well as Robert Stone, author of  Day Hikes in Sedona Arizona.  I have relied heavily on these tomes in the selection of my initial travels and the resulting discussions without intentionally or directly quoting from any author.

Several people have helped with the identification of species of flora and fauna, or provided general help and encouragement.  These special people have been cited and thanked on a separate page.

And finally, I have expanded my resources to the point that I now have set up a bibliography to formally reference the background material I have depended upon for the stories, guide comments and identifications of various species.